Character AnalysisEdit

1)Holden-He's very immature and tries to act older than his age. He is eager for attention.

2)Phoebe-Holden’s sister. She’s very smart and looks up to Holden.

3)Stradlater-A very conceited guy and really likes the ladies. He looks for Holden to do his work when he needs him to.

4)Allie-Holden’s younger brother that died from Leukemia. He was also very intelligent and poetic. He was always happy.

5)Ackley-a pimple faced, nasty-teeth guy as Holden describes him. He doesn’t really care too much about anything and he doesn’t like Stradlater.

6)Mr. Antoloni-Holden’s teacher at Elkton Hills.

7)Maurice-the guy that he metin the hotel that offered him a time with Sunny. He beat Holden out of five bucks.

8)Sunny-the girl that was suppose to give him a time. She wanted to get right down to business with Holden. Although she was a nice girl he changed his mind.

9)Old Spencer-his history teacher at Pencey that really cared about Holden. He would get very upset when Holden had this “I don’t care”attitude.

10)D.B.-his older brother. A famous writer that was now living in Hollywood.

11)Holden’s parents-very wealthy people. Expected great things out of their children. His mother was still sometime depressed over Allie. His father was a corporation lawyer that brought in all the money.

12)Sally Hayes-a pretty and polite girl who went out with Holden but left him after he made an insult about her.

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