Literary Elements

Salinger uses first person point of view to help the reader understand what Holden is going though. Using this, Holden lets the reader know why he is depressed in a indirect way. Salinger uses the red hunting hat in a form if imagery, metaphor, and symbolism though out the novel. He shows that Holden and the hat have similarities, such as, how they stick out in a crowd physically and mentally. The main irony though out the book is Holden’s personality. How he acts childish but tries to be mature.


This novel takes place in New York in 1949. Holden goes to multiple locations though out the story such as Pency Prep., home, Spencer’s home, Central Park, Mr. Antolini’s house, the Edmont Hotel, the Lavender Room, and the Museum of Art.


There was an inner conflict though out the novel. Holden considered everyone a “phony” even his parents.

Theme Don’t be Holden Caulfield.

 Article written by T. Rimmer

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