THe 1940's were dominated by World War 2 till the Allies stopped Hitler and the Holocaust. Men were replaced in the 1940's by women becasue of the men going to war.  The government started the GI bill to help the men get a college education. There was the bombing in Pearl Harbor and the survival rates for surgery went up. Some of your big radio host in this time was Kate Smith and Aethur Godfrey. In 1947 they came out with commercial television with 13 stations and computer was developed in the early 40's. One of your early films was "The Skin of My Teeth" in 1942. Your fashion n the 1940's was the zoot suit. The most popular dance in the 1940's was the jitterbug.

Other statistics:

Population 132,122,000

Unemployment 8,120,000

National debt $43 Billion

Average annual salary $1,229

Minimum wage $.43 per hour

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Article written by P. Baker.